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We pride ourselves at The Lizard Sallions on setting high standards in order to create a unique experience for you. We have the pleasure of bringing to you the only original Victorian horse drawn Omnibus of it's kind remaining in the world, for public use.


In the next few pages, you can learn all about the services we offer, when and where you can find us and also our aim behind setting up the business. 


We invite you to walk into our 'About Us' page to learn all about the Shire's history, followed by trotting into our 'What We Do' available services pages and then an almighty canter to find out where we are and when on the 'What's On'' pages. 


We hope you enjoy.

Creating A Unique Experience

Experience since 1983/1984 - driver and head groom;


Holder of the South West's only Horse Drawn Hackney Carriage License, meaning:


  • Our coachman's horsemanship and driving skills have been assessed;
  • Our horses' health and ability to do the work has been assessed by a qualified vet;
  • Our Omnibus has been inspected by a certified British Driving Society assessor;
  • Our drivers health has been assessed;
  • Both drivier and head groom are enhanced CRB checked;
  • Plus we carry 2m PLI and insurance for horses and carriages.

Our Victorian Omnibus dates back to 1860 is we are proud to be the operators of the only working public bus of it's kind in the world.


Find out more about us, The Shire Horse and the Omnibus, including Victorian transport on our 'About Us' page, together with our frequently asked questions section.






What We Do

About Us

What's On

Help Us To Promote Our Ancestry

The Lizard Stallions was set up under private funding in October 2012, with the main aim to promote and preserve the Shire and Clydesdale horses, due to each breeds' numbers being less than that of the Tiger! Yet these magnificent animals helped us to build Britain to what it is today. 


Their numbers equate to 900-1500 registered Shire mares, and 500-900 registered Clydesdale mares, worldwide.


Pete Woodford has been the proud owner and breeder of Shires since 1983, so when he had the opportunity to change his line of work and sell his house to fund it, he set up The Lizard Stallions. Everything went into the new venture and he exchanged his home for a yurt, which he lives in with his partner, Nicky Mendham. After locating a decaying Omnibus and spending 2000 hours restoring her to her former glory, he selected his stallions, 3 in total, to run the service, George, Ringo and Eddy.


In order to highlight the breeds, Pete and Nicky knew that they had to promote them to a huge range of people. Simply attending local weekend shows, just wasn't going to get enough attention for these magnificent stallions and so Nicky set out locating routes for regular services and a variety of shows.


An educational service has been set up on a regular basis in the city of Truro in Cornwall. As Pete drives the Shires, who draw the double storey Victorian Omnibus dating back to 1860 around the cobbled streets, Nicky transports you back in time with an historical account of the Shire horse and their roles both past and present. The trip encourages travellers to step back in time and to learn more about the Omnibus, which would appear to be the only one of it's kind, still working, in the world. The Lizard Stallions have secured the only horse drawn hackney carriage license in the South West, in order to maintain high standards. The vehicle is checked annually by the BDS; the horses health and capability to carry out the work is assessed annually; Pete's driving skills have been assessed; he's received a medical; and CRB checks.


These trips can also be enjoyed at various other events around Cornwall and Devon, by school pupils, and at their home base in Helston, where the dying art of carriage driving is taught.


They now rely on the generosity of the public to take trips, book Experience Days, purchase Gift Vouchers, etc. in order to continue the service. With running costs of £14,000 a year for shoes and feed alone for the 3 stallions, they are always seeking your support in various ways. This forms a small portion of the costs with additional overheads such as insurances, licenses, advertising, transport, vehicle and carriage repairs, stabling, field maintenance, rugs, etc.


Sponsorship and donations are a great way to help. They promise that 100% of your money will go towards The Lizard Stallions horses feed and shoeing. They won't waste your money on pens, toys, staff wages to write you letters or take your email address to pursue you for more money. They would rather you visit their website's 'What's On' page, find out where they are next and come and meet the boys in person. Every penny goes towards their upkeep in order to keep this service running and to provide thousands of people each year with a living museum in the streets of Cornwall.


So if you want to help promote this service and keep it in the public eye for future generations to see, please press the donate now button below and select 'Donate Social' to make your pledge.


Thank You For Your Help






Making A Donation

We are always happy to receive one off gifts. George, Ringo and Eddy eat approximately 25kgs of feed whilst working plus about the same in haylage. Here are some examples of what your gifts pay for:


  • Large Round Bale of Haylage (feeds to boys for approx 4 days) ~ £25;
  • Bag of Sugar Beet (2 days supply) ~ £6.65;
  • Bag of Dengie Alfa A (2 days supply) ~ £12.69;
  • Bag of Mollichaff (2 days supply) ~ £4.99;
  • Bag of Patch & Acre  Super Cool Mix (2 days supply) ~ £7.99;
  • Bag of D&H Build Up Mix (2 day supply) ~ £14.49;
  • Hoof trim (one horse with no shoes involved) ~ £25;
  • Set of shoes (4 shoes that last 6 weeks) ~ £200.


To make a donation visit the Donate Now button below and click Donate Social on our Facebook page, alternatively if you want to set up a regular payment please get in touch for further details.




The Lizard Stallions, Wendron, Helston, TR13 oNL



Phone 07545 569874 for Events or

07971 531214 for horse advice 


Email thelizardstallions@yahoo.co.uk

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